Nice to meet you!


As a wife and mom of three (2 daughters and a fur baby), I’m a native Houstonian who loves exploring the city with my family. I have a passion for teaching and have taught at an all girls high school for the past 8 years. In my free time, I enjoy bicycling, camping, and having spontaneous dance parties in my living room!


Why Am I A Doula?

After my first daughter was born, I realized that women everywhere need support in childbirth. I was living in New York, attending Fordham University, and had little support during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. While pregnant and studying cultural anthropology and theology, I became fascinated with the development of childbirth techniques and interventions. I devoured books on childbirth and although I was equipped with helpful information for my daughter’s birth, I struggled to find my voice while in labor. For my second pregnancy, I hired a doula and had a team of people supporting me. What a difference! I felt empowered and heard in labor. I knew that if anything went wrong I would not be alone, and I had an expert there to help guide me through the difficult choices that come with giving birth. I am a doula because all women deserve to be surrounded by a community of unconditional support as they become mothers. 

My Birth Philosophy 

I believe in the power of women. I believe that all births are valid, and no matter the type of birth you are seeking, you should feel informed and confident in your choices. Birth is not only the birth of a child but also the birth of a parent. I will support you in the decisions you make and help create a safe space for your voice to be heard in labor. I am here to support you when things get hard, when you feel insecure, and to guide you through a beautiful birth experience.

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Training & Experience

I am happy to be training as a doula with CAPPA. For my training, I attended a multi-day, hands on class with one of the best doulas in the Houston area, I have completed my required reading for certification, and am in the process of having evaluation forms completed by doctors/midwives, nurses and clients for my certification births.